EVs are in the position of constantly having to be more efficient than their competitors. We are battling climate change and part of that means transitioning to electrical engines, so why wouldn’t you pick the greenest, most efficient car? The issue with this is that the production of the green vehicle itself pollutes, so if we are going to keep production going, are the cars themselves worth the cost if there’s going to be a more efficient one down the line? Never mind that we still haven’t managed to develop EVs for sectors that can’t run with what we currently have to offer. Still, we have a vehicle that wants to be the most efficient in its class to talk about, and that’s the Fisker Ocean SUV.

Now, this vehicle boasts powerful lithium-ion batteries, a solar roof to give you a bit of an extra charge, and a vehicle sourced from recycled materials. The interior too, even going as far as using fishnets pulled from the ocean. Unfortunately for us, the Ocean SUV isn’t slated to hit the market until late 2023, so in terms of actually putting any of this to the test, we have some time before we can actually do so. And again, while it’s great that we have more options when it comes to EVs, their implementation and how accessible they truly are is concerning. Do we need another electric SUV right now? I can’t say that the answer is a resounding yes.

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