Camping! Generally speaking, it isn’t the most accessible outdoorsy activity if you have mobility issues, and while RVs do help with the comfort and convenience they offer, they aren’t cheap and don’t always have the commodities someone with a disability would need. Enter The Roam! It’s a smaller B class RV, but its interior has been designed to allow space for wheelchair navigation, and comes with a wheelchair lift and tie-downs, along with other accessible commodities. It’s cheaper to boot, so overall it’s definitely going for all the accessibility checkmarks.

These sorts of designs are important, as we’ve discussed in previous posts that people with disabilities have not really been included in the conversation when it comes to innovation and design within the automotive industry, exemplified by AI’s inability to recognize a person in a wheelchair when testing its pedestrian recognition ability. This is a step forward, and though it may be small, not enough innovation that includes those with disabilities, so hopefully this incentivizes companies to come up with more mindful designs so that everyone can enjoy the same commodities.

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