As our grandparents and parents would tell us, the car was the ultimate symbol of status and freedom back when they were younger. Able to take their friends on road trips, drive to the local diner, their stories seem to go on and on. Now? With the hard push towards electrical cars, personal vehicles and how they will fit into our society is up for debate.

With public transportation, ride-share services, and the goal to have autonomous vehicles, owning a vehicle is not quite the same priority that it used to be for younger urban dwellers. If you live outside of the city limits, you may not have the same access to all the mobility options available within the city and would be forced to rely on a personal vehicle. Add on rising costs of vehicles and a distinct lack of charging stations for future green cars, even within our cities, and we have quite a conundrum on our hands. How will citizens living outside of the city be able to make the shift over to electrical vehicles? Does the personal vehicle still fit in our cities when we have all these other services available?


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