Back on March 23rd, Stelantis-LG announced plans to build a large-scale battery plant, which was slated to start production in 2024. This was a huge announcement, as not only is supposed to be Canada’s first large-scale battery plant, it might also be the push we needed to progress EV integration 


What A Battery Plant Means For Our Industry

We’ve talked a lot in previous editorials that the one thing holding back the progress of green vehicles is accessibility and this plant can help towards our goal. Right now, progress has been made to fix the cold drain lithium batteries experience with the recent development of the solid-state lithium battery (link to older editorial here), and charging ports are slowly becoming more and more common within cities. This new plant isn’t the solution to fixing EVs, but the greater investment into EV components such as batteries for these vehicles means faster and better developments. If EV batteries are being manufactured locally, we can expect to see greater research and development happen locally. 


Caution and Optimism

It should be noted, however, that aside from pledging to invest up to 1.5 billion dollars, there hasn’t been much else that Stelantis has said about the plans for the plant itself, which has raised some doubts from AutoForecast Solutions to how truly beneficial the plant will be to the Brampton area. At the same time though, there are negotiations currently ongoing with the union Unifor, so while there aren’t a lot of details currently, it seems that Stelantis is very much invested in making the plans for the plant come to fruition




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