Written by Haley Hinds:

Everyone dreams about their first car. You turn 16, you study for the test, you
get your license, and then a job to save up for that first purchase. I’m 23 years old and I
finally purchased my first car. And like everyone that gets their first car, others begin
to share pieces of advice to help maintain it. Things like; never drive on an empty gas
tank, check your oil, make sure your car door is locked, never leave your car open,
and always lock your car! Everyone seemed very adamant on the part about making sure
your car is well secured and locked. At first, I brushed it o. It seems like common
sense to never leave your car open for others to take, but curiosity got the best of me. I
decided to look up the odds of someone stealing my car and now I’m starting to
understand the severity of this piece of advice.
On Toronto’s Police Services (TPS) online public crime data report, car theft is
the second highest offense in the city right after assaults. Last year in 2021, auto theft
was down by -1.2% from the previous year. However this year, we have an incline of
62.2%. I began to spiral and decided to look up the cars that are primarily targeted, trying
to reason with myself, nobody wants a car that’s over a decade old, right? In a report
done by CTV News December of last year, Honda CR-Vs and Civics were among the most
stolen along with push-button ignition vehicles and other high-end cars such as the
new and old models of the Lexus Rx350. The excitement of making that first car
purchase slowly drains out of me. Have I made a mistake? Should I have looked up the
statistics beforehand? The problem doesn’t rely on the owner of the car. With advancing technology,
those who steal cars have adapted to a new way of breaking into high-tech auto locks.
How was I to know that there was more to being a car owner than learning how to
change a tire?

With the advancement of technology, comes the downside of finding ways to
keep things secure. How many times has your Instagram account been hacked for the
benefit of promoting bitcoins? But like all social media, there have been ways to
prevent cyber poachers from using our personal accounts for their own benefit.
Second authenticator sign-ons and double verification codes have been more
popularly used in more recent years. Now I ask, where is the same security when it
comes to taking care of our vehicles?
Avolta Inc is our vehicle’s safe haven. Avolta recognizes that with auto theft
numbers rising, we need a more secure way to park our cars in peace. With a simple
technology that they took months to perfect, after installation, you won’t have to think
twice about whether your vehicle will still be there after a visit to the grocery store. And
like all other authenticators, the peace of mind of your automobile will be just as
secure as your Instagram account. Because that is what the freedom of security does.


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