I still think about how in the earlier days of the chip shortage there were lotteries held so that you could get the chance to buy a graphics card or the PS5 since scalpers were ruining things for everyone. I’ve had friends who worked retail send me messages about anything that had limited availability just in case I wanted to get it. And honestly, even right now things haven’t changed. And it makes sense that there’s a shortage, everyone was buying new laptops and streaming devices since we were going to be cooped up in our homes for a while and everything transitioned to online. Even now I’m still writing from home, and I have to kiss my dreams of upgrading to a mid-tier desktop goodbye for the moment, never mind the delays for automotive manufacturing.

So what can we do? A lot of it has to do with supply chains and how they work and would involve changes to accommodate the current state of things, efficiently producing semiconductors so that we can get over the backlog of orders

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