Electrical Engineering Student Intern

PART A. General Description

Research is at the heart of Avolta’s innovation and industry-revolutionizing efforts. Our primary branches of research are: electrical-, mechanical-, and software-engineering.  

“It’s easier to invent the future than to predict it.” – Alan Kay


PART B. Responsibilities

Main Objective: Innovate. Create and work on documents, presentations, and spreadsheets that will strongly propel research forward for the Avolta auto anti-theft system.


  • Actively attend, listen, and engage in your respective research meeting(s). 
  • Fulfill tasks assigned to you by your group leader(s) in a timely and professional manner. 
  • Always learn. Read relevant literature, even if unassigned, to propose key solutions.
  • Post daily updates on the Avolta Network and check your company email regularly. 
  • Present your research progress and findings to your team at every meeting. 
  • Carry a positive mindset and be respectful when interacting with others. 
  • Work hard. Always try to beat yesterday’s record. Be an inspiration to your team. 
  • Treat the “Rules and Etiquette” section as the golden standard at Avolta.
  • Reach out to a research associate, specialist, or manager if you need any assistance.
Job Category: Electrical Engineering
Job Type: Internship
Job Location: Hybrid Remote
Compensation: Pro bono

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