This individual here is NOT MEASURING your house but they are SCANNING the signal of your vehicle’s key fob that you left neatly on top of your night-table stand, next your wallet. In approximately 7 MINUTES this individual will clone your vehicle’s key fob signal to THEIR blank key fob, activate your vehicle, unlock its doors, reverse/accelerate towards the street, and proceed to take off with your vehicle.

“7 minutes” – VanNest, is all it takes. 7 minutes at anytime of the day (while you work for 8 hours, complete personal errands for another 8 hours, and eventually sleep for 8 hours…hopefully). 24 hours is a lot of time to keep an eye on your vehicle. At Avolta Inc. we are creating the counter-measure technologies needed so you can have 24 hour security of your vehicle from auto theft hackers.

Stay tuned for more updates and tips that can help you from becoming another statistic in the war for your vehicle’s protection. Credits to CTV News Toronto, Pat Foran and staff (article/video’s link in the description)



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