The fact of the matter is, security is difficult. Cyber security more so. Someone takes advantage of weak points in your defenses, they breach, you get it fixed, and then they’ll be back to exploit another weakness. Rinse and repeat, and that can pretty much sum up the ongoing battle cyber security experts are fighting, where their greatest teacher is also their enemy. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the folks who use the same password for everything (and it’s probably like the name of your pet with and birthday or something like that isn’t it?) we cannot begin to properly comprehend how difficult it is for the experts to keep things safe for us, and in the technological age in which even our cars are vulnerable this is so much more apparent. What would benefit us all currently, and what cyber security experts are pushing for, is a universal standard for security. Unfortunately, things are not so simple

As it stands, each country has its own security standards for vehicles and infrastructure, making it extremely difficult for developers to meet the global standard since technically there really isn’t one. Each piece of the vehicle, how it interacts with other parts, and what data it transmits have to be addressed individually. The gauntlet thrown, the challenge was announced, and it seems that our team has our work cut out for us.

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