Maybe you’ve experienced the sensation in person. The low rumble through the ground, shaking your bones as mechanical muscles tensed and contracted, the machines exhaling carbon monoxide through their robust lungs, ready to rip through the earth itself as soon as the light turns green. When it comes to the ultimate vehicular performance, Formula One is considered the peak of motorsports, aided in no small part by F1’s insistence to push technology to it’s limits. There is one issue, however, and that would what fuels the speed demons that tear down their tracks. Fuel.

With more and more calling for the transition to EVs and hybrids, F1 finds itself in a tight spot. They don’t want to switch over to EVs just yet, and it isn’t like hoards of the population are currently making the switch, especially if you recall the recent shortage of new vehicles and the price hikes in used vehicles. Their solution? Renewable fuel. F1 isn’t too keen on losing out on the energy density that gasoline provides. If you want top-notch performance and power, electrical engines haven’t made the cut just yet, so this renewable fuel for ICEs needs to match. This isn’t by any means F1s first stab at the issue, and it’s anybody’s guess how they plan to achieve this.

But you have to admit, if F1 pulls this off, everyone’s bound to gain from this.

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