I don’t think I’ve ever considered that we could make a recyclable car. When I think of a recyclable car I think about the soda bottle and CD monstrosity for grade 11 physics that I threw out first chance. In this case, BMW wasn’t following my vision for their new car.

It’s called i Vision Circular, and it’s a weird sort of hatchback that is 100% recyclable and as efficient as can be, from large kidney grilles that are digital surfaces that act as the head and directional lights for the car, the windshield, and the roof is one piece of glass, and the interior using 3-D printing and recycled plastic (though the design makes it feel a bit like the car swallowed a velvet seat or two), it’s a pretty strange car. It seems that BMW hopes to use what they learned with the manufacturing techniques for future vehicles, and I can say that it will be very interesting to see what comes from this experiment!

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