About us

AVOLTA Inc -The Freedom of Security. 

Our mission at AVOLTA is the realization of unique futuristic technologies, prior categorized as dreams. We Dream Big, Work Hard, Succeed.

Our current research project revolves around a novel auto anti-theft system, which will lead to improved vehicular safety and lower car insurance rates.  


Isn’t just a company, but a family. Isn’t just a movement, but a new technological era.

sustainable Outlook

One small step for Avolta Inc, one giant leap for sustainability. 

state of the art project

We value innovation and ingenuity. We invent dreams!  

professional research team

Composed of present-day and aspiring world leaders.

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The AVOLTA Formula for Success

In 4 easy steps…

1. Join avolta

Yes, you have come to the right place.

2. dream big

The sky is the limit. Always stay hungry.

3. plan, research, experiment, invent

All great inventions begin with an idea, followed by research and experimentation. 

4. realize dreams, lead others, and never settle

Leave a world legacy by inventing the impossible, inspiring those around.