Avolta Inc.

A great company always starts with a great team.

Joining Avolta means entering a vast world of opportunities. Whether you are looking for a place to expand your professional network, learn new skills, add an impressive experience to your resume, or grow and succeed within the tech industry, Avolta is a great place to start that journey.  

At the moment we offer student internships (for those enrolled in university or college) and volunteerships across all of our departments. 


Our Student Internship and Volunteering Opportunities at Avolta Inc. 

Administrative Roles

Are you good with organizing files, scheduling meetings, and proficient at sending emails? Apply for an Administrative role at Avolta.

AI/Machine Learning

Unleash your engineering talents in our Machine Learning Department. Write code, run simulations, build AI models, and much more. 

Electrical Engineering

Do you love building electric circuits and wireless systems? Apply today and revolutionize automotive security.  


Born with a passion for numbers? Fundraising, Financial projections, Financial modeling, and Investor relations reside here.  

Human Resources

Enjoy working with people? Join HR to recruit, interview, and further develop the company dynamics at Avolta Inc. 


Love creating legal contracts and drafting up key corporate policies? Suit yourself up and apply to our Legal Department. 


Market research, Market trends, SEO, SEM, Competitor analysis, and Networking on behalf of Avolta Inc. await you in this department. 

Social Media

The Social Media Department is at the heart of Avolta’s Social Media presence. Create posts, designs, and share them with the world.

Software Engineering

IF: Software is your passion, AND: you are looking for an impactful opportunity, THEN: this is the department for you.