Happy Friday Everyone!

Thanks to all the great effort placed into this website by our technical team, it is nearly complete! Our website currently features:

  • A ‘Home’ section; presenting users with two options of either ‘learning about us’ or ‘joining the team’.
  • An ‘About Us’ section; introducing AVOLTA’s mission to the world.
  • The AVOLTA ‘Inspiration Gallery’; showcasing the company’s values.
  • An ‘Our Team’ section; this part will soon feature all of the great people part of the AVOLTA family. It is currently under construction.
  • A ‘Contact Us’ section; giving people the ability to connect with our company through the form, email, and/or social media.
  • A ‘Join AVOLTA’ page; presenting our official registration form.

In addition:

  • Our website has been secured with security & anti-spam systems.
  • Email servers have been optimized to communicate with applicants.
  • On January 21st, 2021, our website has been officially recognized by the Google Search Engine.

There are many future improvements on the way, so hang tight!




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