With climate change and its consequences threatening to increase in scale, EVs are looking to be the natural move to combat this, at least on the automotive side of things. Unfortunately for us, while these vehicles are running on renewable electricity provided by our dams, solar panels, and windmills, they are not completely without fault.

When it comes to performance, EVs struggle in terms of output in comparison to their ICE counterparts. There’s also the concern when it comes to resources, as EV’s battery relies heavily on rare earth materials, which have become increasingly difficult to access. So what’s the solution?

Simply put, materials. For example, to help with efficiency we need more lightweight materials, such as recycled plastics or even trading in hardwood for bamboo. Innovations in how we construct and use glass in our vehicles allow for greater efficiency as well, the glass being able to regulate internal temperatures better and allowing for more power diverted to the engine rather than internal climate control. It’s even possible now to recycle rare earth materials from rejected power units! Bottom line, we need to keep pushing and changing the way we look at the materials we use because right now we need every advantage we can get.

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