It’s interesting how easily we forget that the modern car is just as hackable as your personal laptop or phone. Today, everything in a car is monitored by an internal computer, giving you real-time updates on the condition of your vehicle, alerting you of other cars in the blind spot of your side-view mirrors, and even parking itself for you.  It isn’t until these systems turn against you that you start to remember how vulnerable your system is.

Car hacking has been a concern within automotive security for some time now,  and a few minds have gotten together to explain how it is done and even talk about how you can learn to do it yourself. Here in Avolta, we believe that an important part of keeping our clients safe from these attacks is understanding the techniques used by people looking to exploit your vehicle and educating ourselves and our clientele on the best ways to avoid getting hacked.

Robert Vamosi is the host of the podcast “The Hacker Mind”, which in the fifth episode titled “Car Hacking” he goes into an in-depth discussion of the techniques used to car hack, and even gives resources on how to begin car hacking yourself! You can listen to the entire podcast or read the transcript here:

The Hacker Mind Podcast: Car Hacking 0x05



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