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Business Consulting

Are you looking to start a business or scale an existing venture? To build or upgrade your resume? To receive interview help and feedback? 

Look no further – Avolta Business Consulting service has your back. Our seasoned advisors will make everything as simple as A-B-C. 

The first step to joining our community of 20+ happy clients is to book a free 10-min consultation by clicking the button below, which will take you to our official registration form! 

Smart Business Consulting:

Business Consulting Phase 1 – Establishment

Our first stage specializes on creating a strong foundation for your business.

We’ll start here for ideas/startups. 

Business Consulting Phase 2 – Scaling

Our next stage is all about growing your business & optimizing its processes.

We’ll start here for established startups. 

Business Consulting Phase 3 – Monopoly

Our final stage focuses on long-term stability and maintaining competitiveness.

We’ll start here for S/M-size companies. 

Resume writing:  elevate your resume, elevate your future.

Empower Your Career Journey with Collaborative Resume Writing and Upgrading Services. We work hand-in-hand with you to uncover your strengths, achievements, and career goals. Our personalized advice and expert guidance ensure your resume shines, capturing the attention of employers and opening doors to new opportunities. Together, we’ll craft a standout resume that reflects your unique story and sets you on the path to success.

Interview Guidance

Master the art of interviews

Question prep & communication

We will prepare you for common interview questions and help you develop personalized responses that highlight your strengths, experiences, and wit. 


Learn how to use positive body language to convey professionalism, confidence, and engagement during interviews.

Mock Interviews & Feedback

We will conduct mock interviews to simulate real-world interview scenarios, provide constructive feedback on areas of improvement.

And much more!

And many more out-of-the-box discussion topics, such as how to be more concise, stand out from others, and ask the right questions.